Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue

Dog Surrender

You have probably arrived at this page with some trepidation.  You’re not alone!  

Economic situations can change, health may decline and it can become impossible to provide care for your dog. By giving your dog to a team who love German Shepherds, you’re doing the right thing.

Many of the dogs in our care came from owners.  We find them great homes. We will not ask you awkward questions or attach any guilt. Our goal is simple. We want your dog to have a wonderful next chapter. Just the same as you.

How do I surrender my dog?

1) Complete the form below.  

2) Send us the best photos of the dog to - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

3) We will contact you to discuss your dog and if we agree your dog could be right for our Rescue program, we will show your dog on our website.

4) Then you and your dog will meet with one of our evaluators.  

5) If that goes well we will take your dog into one of our foster homes and ultimately adopt it to a loving family.

We have done this many times and know how hard this decision is for you. We promise that we will help you and your dog and not stop trying until your dog is safely adopted.


Owner Surrender Application

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To adopt one of our dogs complete an adoption application and be approved. Just click on the adoption application below.



Sponsor me

A $25 donation makes a real difference. We will send you a picture and an update when your dog is adopted! Each dog costs us over $600 and we get half back at the adoption.SPONSOR ME


Email me

Send us a quick email and we will call you about this dog. It’s that easy!



What do the levels mean?

Level 1 - An easy, lower energy dog that will be ideal for a less experienced owner.

Level 2 - A typical German Shepherd with good energy. You’ll need to have owned a GSD or similar dog.

Level 3 - A more challenging, higher energy dog. You’ll need experienced handling skills and have a lifestyle and environment where this dog can succeed.

Level 4 - A Puppy.  You'll need real puppy experience to help your new young friend succeed.

Level 5 - Working dog that needs a job with an expert handler.  This is a rare dog in our program and not a family pet.